Did I miss an opportunity? For over a year we’ve provided the “supersized” map option. In the main these have been ordered by emergency service and training groups (police, search and rescue in particular) so there’s a large situation map for the briefing all parties. But now, in a corner of the Lake District, the Cumbrian B&B owners are finding a new use. The humble tablecloth.


Supersized SplashMap as a Lake District Tablecloth

Designing the tablecloth

David, who lives in the beautiful town of Troutbeck in Cumbria sent us this image after selecting the Supersized option when creating a make-a-map of his area titled “Lake District Ambleside”. He wrote;

A new use for SplashMaps?

“Hi Splash Maps
We have a new use for your product!

We bought your map for a use I haven’t seen on your website

We use it for a tablecloth on our Kitchen table.
We live in the Lakes – so when we are having breakfast we can sit down and discuss where we are going for the day.
See pic attached

We looked very hard for a map tablecloth and nobody else does anything like this.

Perhaps you could forward this to your marketing director?

How many uses of a SplashMap?


Training for emergencies using a supersized SplashMap

David, the email made its way to me, and I agree! We could be a lot more obvious on the use of these super sized maps. There are so many uses I feel a list coming on… but will resist for now.

If you have a great insight into how SplashMaps can be used, or how we can improve any aspect of what we do, please respond to this posting. We’d love to hear from you.

2 responses to “Tablecloth”

  1. alex laycock says:

    i am a roman blind maker, make them into roman blinds!

    • That’s great to hear! We had a customer do an amazing project with blinds made from SplashMaps. Roman blinds could be a great option too. Thanks for contacting us. Don’t hesitate to try something out!