“Survive Everything” Maps for Mountain lovers

SplashMaps’ “Survive Everything” maps for mountain lovers are the most durable and practical bits of kit in your outdoor armoury.

Weatherproof and wearable fabric maps are the versatile gifts for mountain adventurers this year. Personalisation means you can centre your SplashMap anywhere and give it a memorable title to make outstanding unique mementos. You can even choose from 4 different formats!

Walkers love Toobs

Paul’s Toob comes on all walks in the Lake District

Walkers love the new Toob headwear, “…my favourite new bit of kit!” says dog walker/ mountain man Paul McLaughlin (@glocky9).

Leaders and Climbers love Pro fabric SplashMaps

Steve on a DoE expedition

Mountain leaders and climbers train and pioneer with with our Pro fabric SplashMaps “Even laminated maps don’t last forever.  So a map on fabric is ideal,” says Steve Layt DofE assessor and head of Scout training, Northamptonshire. “The joy of the SplashMap is that you can then simply wash it and it’s ready for the next group.”

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