SplashMaps Market Place – Mourne Mountains

The Mourne Mountains SplashMap is the result of our latest Market Place partnership.

Thanks to Cathy and Petra from Wild Mountain NI and Land Registers of Northern Ireland (the National Mapping Agency for the region). we now host a beautifully branded map of the area on the site and it is selling through 4 outlets locally too.

Petra, Cathy and Riley of Wild Mountain NI claim their patch – The Mourne Mountains

Market Place

At SplashMaps we always want people to get outside more often. Our maps give them confidence in their location, direction and planning. But it takes something special to make heading outdoors a habit. For that we turn to groups and leaders of groups to build a new Market Place.

Your Place

The SplashMaps Market Place is pretty open. In fact consider it your place as it’s so simple to take part! You have just two decisions to make and we give you 3 options on each!

  1. Make a Map – How you want your map designed is entirely up to you!
    1. have us create a map with your logo on it,
    2. entrust us with your own design or
    3. create it on-line using our Make-a-Map service
  2. Choose how to sell – You can do this all yourself or we can help you reach the existing SplashMap market
    1. buy a minimum quantity and get our wholesale prices
    2. have us host & sell for you with your own dedicated SplashMaps product page and our print on demand service
    3. or why not have us maintain stocks of your product for sale on-line?
The Mourne Mountain Map from SplashMaps was made for Wild Mountain NI

The Wild Mountain NI Mourne Mountain map

When Cathy from Wild Mountain NI contacted us she wanted a map of the Mourne Mountains. Realising we didn’t have one set-up she saw the gap in her local market.

We sourced the map image from Land Registers NI and organised their royalties, applied Wild Mountain’s logo to the map and positioned it perfectly together with these amazing mountain leaders.

Wild Mountain opted to buy 40 maps for local sales and host the product on the SplashMaps website so people all over the world could get hold of it.

So how do local business, hikers, Wild Mountain and SplashMaps benefit?

-Local hikers can pick-up a SplashMap from 3 popular destinations while in the Mourne Mountains

-Wild Mountain make the best return by directly selling maps bought at wholesale prices

-SplashMaps have a new product which generates a lot of interest

-By being an affiliate, Wild Mountain get 10% for traffic that comes to SplashMaps and buys ANY SplashMaps product!

The verdict?

Speaking with Cathy, they launched the products via their website yesterday and sold half their stock holding on day 1. “This is wonderful David, thank you so much for setting this up” she said while unloading a noisy van of dogs and walkers into the hills. “When are you next manufacturing?”

Enough said and over to you…

Join the Market Place

Feel that your area needs an outdoors boost? Does your logo belong on a the most popular map for the area? Is SplashMaps underserving your local hikers, bikers, climbers, riders or paddlers? Now’s your change to improve things for them all!

Joining SplashMaps’ Market Place could not be simpler. Just make the 2 decisions above and get in touch now.

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