SplashMaps: Confidence in your Adventure – Our Latest Movie

We’re all about giving you confidence in your adventure.  What do we mean? Click & watch the below film.

We give you the ultimate choice so your map fits you and what you do perfectly.  See our Personalised, Destination and Bespoke as well as our new International Maps.

The film compares SplashMaps’ benefits with the faff of paper maps (folding, absorbance and ill thought-out sizing in many cases) and shows how SplashMaps out performs in clarity, simplicity of navigation and robustness against the elements, mud, rogue mountain bikers and hap-hazard coffee incidents!

During the film 3 brand new paper maps were simply destroyed.  Our SplashMaps? The last sequence is them going in the washing machine, ready for the next adventure.

Our thanks to our volunteers, to Zealous Media UK and the South Downs National Park Authority for maintaining the beautiful locations.

For a glimpse behind the scenes and learn more about those that took part click here.


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  1. […] 1) I’ve been working nearly half my time on SplashMaps!  This year we made our weatherproof fabric maps go global!  Yes you can now choose a map of anywhere in the world thanks to OpenStreetMap and our work with their finest. We also won awards for our cartography and kudos from the International Cartographic Association.for our popular destination and bespoke maps.  Got 2 minutes?  Here’s what we make; https://www.splash-maps.com/splashmaps-confidence-adventure/ […]