SplashMaps…? Boutique…?

Cycling Weekly

Cycling Weekly and the boutique businesses at L’Eroica

Cycle Weekly (July 24th 2014) covered our recent stand at L’Eroica Britannia. SplashMaps…? Boutique…? I guess that’s how you’d describe most of the businesses around us. But us? Perhaps we are still a quirky new take on an old idea. And with the retro theme we adopted for the event you’d be forgiven.

But niche is the name of the game and all those in this excellent article hit the mark; from girls who want stylish reflective bibs, saddles, bells and feminine bike frames to instant 3D printers who’ll immortalise your hero-pose and the guys who make personalised SplashMaps on fabric.

One thing’s for sure; cyclists are getting more style conscious and that’s what drives the accessory market.

And as they get more stylish they strive for more individuality.

And as they strive for more individuality, personalisation will become ever more important.

Our Peak District map for L’Eroica Britannia sold out very quickly at the event, but new batches are on the way to support the National Park Authority’s desire to get people onto two wheels on the three routes designed for this special annual event.

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