SplashMap in a Hostile Environment

Dermot Cosgrove, Security Contractor

Dermot Cosgrove, Security Contractor

This week’s customer chat was with Counter Terrorism expert, Dermot Cosgrove. He told us why a SplashMap in a hostile environment makes so much sense after having bespoke SplashMaps created by our team.

What do you use this type of map for?
The bespoke map produced for me by SplashMaps will be used as an escape and evasion map for personnel working in remote environments. The map produced is part of a Hostile Environment package which will be eventually supplied to all expatriate personnel working in the field where they may be required to navigate their way away from a dangerous situation either natural or man-made to designated evacuation points.

Why does being on this kind of fabric make it better?
Having our map produced on the fabric that SplashMaps uses gives it great durability, the environment  we work in is extremely harsh on paper and map cases are often bulky and impracticable when putting together a compact Hostile Environment Pack. It also provides for greater conceal-ability which is also a factor in working in a hostile environment.

Somalia in fabric

Hostile Environment Map with exploded sections and clear national border crossing points

How was working with SplashMaps to make a bespoke Escape and Evasion Map?
Working with SplashMaps was great right from the first inquiry I made, they threw themselves into getting the information and design right and were in constant contact to update me on their progress.

What kind of danger are your clients preparing for?
Personnel working in remote environments face a number of dangers, the region is well known for earthquakes as well as the risk of terrorism. As part of their Hostile Environment Training workers are taught the basics of navigation, many have been unfamiliar with basic map and compass use due to a reliance on technology in the modern age.

The Environment is just too harsh for paper maps…

What are the most important things for a lone worker to have and know when they are in danger?
Being lost in a remote location can be an unnerving event but being lost in a remote location when in danger can be terrifying. When the batteries have run out on the GPS then it’s extremely reassuring to have a map and a compass and the knowledge that you have the means to get yourself to safety.

What’s your background and how did you get involved in this kind of work?
Having spent six years in the French Foreign Legion I began working initially with the oil and gas industry 20 years ago in Algeria in the remote Sahara region as an onsite security adviser. Since then I’ve worked with the mining industry, the media and construction industry throughout Africa and the Middle East both in onsite security management roles and in head office planning and auditing capacities. As part of these evacuation planning and hostile environment training have always been key aspects.

What types of situation or use cases would you recommend SplashMaps for?
I would recommend SplashMaps for anyone working in remote or hostile environments including urban areas.

We are launching a service which will allow you to pick up live information from “beacons” printed onto the map. What real-time or schedule information would be useful for someone to see related to a position on the map?
Any information pertaining to security situations or hazards (natural disasters, severe weather alerts etc) would be great!

Dermot, thanks for sharing how a SplashMap in a hostile environment can help people feel more confident about their security.

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