SplashMaps for Professional Mountaineer navigation

Our Ad in the Professional Mountaineer.The Professional Mountaineer is the magazine for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.  This month they’re running a navigation feature that questions the traditional ways of teaching.  3 guesses which flexible map you can find being supported by their guest writer, Glenmore Lodge’s Nigel Williams?

Did you know that many of the methods we learn for navigation are based on military needs? In fact it’s rare that we need to do all that hard work.  The best navigators, in fact, are orienteers. Nigel takes his inspiration from Orienteering and now applies it in his training courses.

For the hottest tips on navigation check this from Nigel via SplashMaps‘ own Q&A. Then go out and buy The Professional Mountaineer.  Full article at the link: Teaching Navigation



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