Slashing our Minimums

We're offering our design service FREE!

We’re offering our design service FREE!

At SplashMaps we’re slashing our minimums and offering a full range of sizes for businesses to design their own SplashMaps. To coincide with the major Outdoors and Adventure Travel shows this year we want more bespoke designs.

The offers mean;-

  1. FREE BESPOKE DESIGN!  We’re slashing our minimums on the number of maps you have
    A bespoke design for Black Isle Bicycles

    A bespoke design for Black Isle Bicycles

    to order to get FREE bespoke designed SplashMaps.  These include digital tracks of your own making, your brand and your title if you wish. Normally 50 SplashMaps are needed, but we’ve slashed this to just 30.   Want fewer than 30? It is still an amazingly low £130 to have a map designed that’s specific to your shop, event, regiment or club.  Apply this to our standard pricing here.

  2. OUR MAXIMUM DISCOUNT WHEN YOU ORDER JUST 20 SplashMaps! Apply this to our price list for any sized SplashMap.
  3. YOU DON’T NEED TO STOCK! Limited on budget? Why not set up a design and let us host it?  For a simple design, pay the design fee of £130 (limited to title, GPX trail and your title) and we will host the map for you and print on demand for your customers.
  4. YOU COULD EARN FROM YOUR DESIGN you can now share in our success!  Apply to be an affiliate! If you can convince us of your reach, or if you buy at least 30 maps from us, you can have a 10% chunk of the sales you send our way this year through your unique url.

Slashing our minimums can’t last forever, so get your orders in before month end and contact david@splashmaps.net for more details.

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