Size Matters – SplashMaps Mini

Size Matters – Launch of SplashMaps Mini.

SplashMaps Shower Curtains and Table cloths on Dragons' Den

SplashMaps Shower Curtains and Table cloths on Dragons’ Den

For the past year we’ve been providing 10 formats of fabric map on our Map Maker. Shower curtains and “Super size” maps for interior design projects can be designed in our simple on-line 3 step process.  Customers have been making table cloths, drawing room curtain ideas and even wedding-wear from these gigantic maps.

But what about all those demanding smaller maps? Demand was high at the Autumn Fair where we brought prototypes of the new format and pricing.


Example of a mini (pocket square sized) SplashMap

SplashMaps’ “mini” range kicks off this week. All 3 of the UK’s highest peaks are available. The ideal size for a pocket square but with the space to depict a whole mountain at a good walking scale, these maps hit the sweet spot of practical and smart at a price that means everyone can have one!

Printed on our Pro weatherproof fabric they’re an ideal gift for those who’ll really put the to the test.

Additionally, retailers get the choice of our lite fabric version for an even dressier look on a sheeny and adsorbent satin.  These ones feel and look like silk, are adsorbent and are the ultimate in stylish handkerchiefs and accessories for men and women.

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