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IcelandThe Collins Bartholomew – Iceland SplashMap covers Iceland and the more northerly Arctic islands of Jan Mayen, Svalbard and Bear Island.   Printed onto our Pro breathable, washable and very wearable fabric, it is designed to be usable in the harshest conditions and can be stuffed in a rucksack.  You may even want to admire its beauty at home or wear it as a scarf.

This map is designed by legendary cartographers, Collins Bartholomew.

This is a physical map and comes straight from the Times Atlas Plate 55.


Major Continents:

All regions in Iceland; Veturland, Vestfirdir, Nordurland Vestra, Nordurland Eystra, Austurland, Sudurland, Sudurnes

All Towns and settlements: Reykyavik, Hofudborgarsvaedi and other towns, volcanoes, mountains and inlets I dare not spell.

1:1 000 000
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72 x 54cmIceland

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Dimensions 72 × 54 cm
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