Draw, Explore, Wash, Repeat

Roger’s a runner of trails and author of the “I run off-road” blog.  Particularly he, like me, loves the trails in one of our newest National Parks, the South Downs.  And it’s to him I credit the new SplashMaps Running Mantra.

Draw, Explore, Wash, Repeat.

Roger got a SplashMap of the South Downs.  The section nearest his place was the South Downs Central West.  And he’s writted a great piece on is here.

Roger says

“As outdoor people we all love a map, it gives us that reassurance of seeing what lies ahead, and yes I accept this can be done on your phone, but will a piece of fabric loose a signal, run out of charge or not connect to gps ??? 🙂 Coupled with these practicalities there’s that sense of opening out a map and the intrigue of where it will take you, this is then followed with wrestling it back into its original pre packed condition. With SplashMaps you could just stuff it back in your rucksack if you liked (not that we’d do that because we respect our maps 🙂 !!)”

Central West? David, that’s a stupid naming convention!

No it isn’t.  I’ve no apologies for the names… I could have give it a nice sensible name like OL513, but this may appear confusing to come!  But as with everything at SplashMaps, we begin our ideas with the Customer right in the middle.  Now, the South Downs is the longest national park in the UK.  We’ve cut it into 5 sections around 28km long each with generous overlaps to make sure that you don’t have to be on the edge, even with our fixed area maps! They’re all in ouir ideal destination spec at 1:40 000; perfect for running and riding.

  • South Downs West,(My patch around Winchester)
  • South Downs Central West,(Roger’s Patch, nearer Petersfield and Midhurst)
  • South Downs Central,
  • South Downs Central East and
  • South Downs East.

Too much for you?  Well we have the South Downs way which is still 1:40k, but covers the whole 100 mile + trail!  How is that done?  It’s just magic from our friends at Harvey maps.

Compare all the South Downs and connecting maps here.

Want more detail?  We do the beautiful Ordnance Survey 1:25k explorer on our famous fabric too!

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