Rewards for Forces & Mrs SplashMaps

I dunno.  Sometimes I think Barry from “Cillit Bang” has the right idea.  He pops up on all his adverts and makes a killing for his owners at Reckitt Benckiser.  I’d never do such a thing.  To me it just looks vain!

10% Discount for the Forces

10% Discount for the Forces

I mean why would anyone want to look at me? So I tend to use highly paid models specifically challenged with looking “a bit” like me.

All the gurning paid off for this model in our latest ad on the Rewards for Forces web site.  Yup we decided that our gallant guys and girls charged with protection of the realm deserve to get excellent maps at a great discount.  In a way it’s payback as I stole their idea in the first place!

At least we’re honest, and doing the right thing! And by the way, there are no other map sellers offering discounts to their 200 000 members either!  Shame on them!

In future advertising I am now looking for a model who looks a lot like Mrs SplashMaps to add balance to our campaigns.  Will this one do?

Who is that woman!  And what is she wearing!

Who is that woman! And what is she wearing!



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