Order personalised SplashMaps before noon on Thurs 15th December – for lit up faces at Christmas.

Gift a SplashMap

Everyone loves a personalised gift at Christmas

Order personalised SplashMaps before noon on Thurs 15th December – for lit-up faces at Christmas.



Anything more thoughtful than a personalised guide?

Special locations make personalised SplashMaps special gifts.  Anywhere that’s important to the receiver will go down a storm. A wedding venue, a favourite walk, ride, cycle or running route, an adventure or challenge they’ve been planning, maybe a favourite holiday spot ANYWHERE in the world, or even their local area centred on their house.  Once you’ve chosen the map, the next challenge is what to call it…

Our Top 15 map titles for the season

A title worthy of their lovely map is a must, but if you’re stuck for an interesting/fun/descriptive personalised title we might be able to help.

Can you be more personalised than this?  For the run up to the 15th day of December, here are our top 15 favourite map titles this season.  In each case imagine what the person on the receiving end of this thinks when the map of their own favourite place, dedicated to them, arrives under the tree.

Here are some great genuine examples from the last 2 weeks’ orders:

1) A lot of people are just taking the mickey…

Trail Magazine demonstrate our map!

Trail Magazine demonstrate our map!

  • No excuses for getting lost now!!
  • Mark’s snot rag
  • Phil’s escape

2) Some Planning an amazing adventure…

  • Island Peak Mountain Map
  • Wharncliffe and the Wilds to the West
  • Julian’s bike riding map

3) Some remember a time…

  • Andrew and Joe’s intrepid explorer map
  • Granny Sue’s Home Turf!

    We loved the Eroica festival where we camped in Bakewell show ground

    Bring back memories

4) Helping someone who’s moved to a new area…

  • Cycle and ski heaven
  • Paradise found: explore to your hearts content

5) Just being thoughtful…

  • SplashMaps – Happy Holidays Liz
  • Close to Home!
  • Happy X-mas 2016
  • Dad’s Map

Inspired?! Great. So, once you’ve created the perfectly personalised SplashMaps, just wait, your thoughtfulness will be rewarded by those lit-up faces at Christmas.



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