New map formats across our range

Making maps is simple

Choose anywhere on the planet, choose a format and check-out. It should be as simple as this:-

New map formats across our range

We’ve recently honed this down to a smooth 1 minute process that anyone can do. Now it’s super simple to choose our new map formats across our range of personalsied and destination maps!

Toobs & shower curtains on-show

A video and on-screen guide

The video may help some, but if you like step-by-step approach we’ve arranged a tour of the process for those that like to be guided on the page.

Our new Personalisation guide

Options make your SplashMaps even more unique and versatile

Giving a range of options and prices, scales and formats has always been the dream for SplashMaps. Can you find a personalisation tool simpler than this on the internet?

Simply choose what you’d like your map on!  Toob, Super size and Shower Curtain options available

Take a spin now by clicking here and taking the tour.

Oh!  And don’t forget to rate the service too!

Released today and shortly after a major product refresh, SplashMaps are geared-up to be the best on-line map buying experience on the web today!

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