Another National Parks Commissioned SplashMap!

Dual Language Snowdon SplashMap commissioned by the National Park

Dual Language Snowdon SplashMap commissioned by the National Park

The latest of our National Parks Commissioned SplashMaps is our 1:25k Ordnance Survey Yr Wyddfa/ Snowdonia SplashMap.

Following our Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks Map, it’s now the turn of the Snowdonia National Park Authority to commission their map.

Both maps feature the official logos of the parks and the positioning of the map was selected by experts within the authorities.  You can buy both Yorkshire Three Peaks and Snowdon maps from our site.

If you’re responsible for a National Park, Cycle Centre, Area of outstanding beauty… or lets face it… anywhere where maps will help people have a great time… you could have the same done too!

snowdon logo

Snowdonia National Park wanted their logo on the map and centred the SplashMap on their chosen location… the Peak of the mountain.

Simply contact us, pay for the design and set-up (simple set up can be ordered here).

“We’re thrilled that the Snowdonia National Park Authority want their official Map to be a SplashMap!” says SplashMaps MD, David Overton. “We’re so pleased to offer our complete fulfillment package for them too!”

This popular option means customers come to the SplashMaps website directly to buy this dedicated map of the mountain.  SplashMaps mail the map direct to the customer and then return a proportion of the sale to the Park.

“It’s great the we can offer fulfillment for our many retail customers. Some times retailers just prefer to have SplashMaps take on the full marketing, delivery and sales effort on their behalf” Overton adds.  “It’s great to send cash back to National Parks where funding can so often be an issue.”


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