Interviewed by Bike Biz

I was interviewed by Bike Biz!

My interview with Bike Biz

My interview with Bike Biz

What a privilege.

How much of a privilege?

Last week I had a meeting with the buyer from a big bike store chain.  I always try to get a handle on where to place our marketing budget when talking with these guys.  So I never miss a chance to ask…

“Which Magazines do you read?” I asked.

“I don’t really read magazines” he responded.

“That’s a pity because we’ve got some nice coverage in Bike Biz” I said.

“Oh, of course I read Bike Biz!” he exclaimed.

The interview?  They asked me lots of questions about what SplashMaps is all about, what I do to grow it and, of course, which bikes I ride and how I got into bikes.  Want to know the details?  You’ll have to buy a copy 😉  We’re in their 100’th edition for May 2014 and the secret of of how SplashMaps came about s shared there.

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