Everyone’s a…

Everyone’s a winner! Particularly when they meet us at an event we support.

A happy customer and her A to Z SplashMap

A happy customer and her A to Z SplashMap at the Tour of Britain, Trafalgar Square

Last weekend it was the Tour of Britain; an amazing event.  We launched our London Maps from A to Z as well as our own and partner products from Ordnance Survey and Mike Hall’s stunning illustrated London Map.

Sarah-Jane'll get a personalised map like this one

Sarah-Jane’ll get a personalised map like this one

The winner this week was Sarah-Jane Durman.  She tells me she’s never won before… but she will shortly become the proud owner of a personalised SplashMap!  Congratulations Sarah-Jane.

Bear Grylls Festival

Bear Grylls Festival

Next chance to win? Join us and Bear Grylls at the Bear Grylls Survival festival, a family friendly event in Trent Park, Enfield, London.  There we will be introducing our Treasure Map series.  And the first treasure?  You have to be in to win.  But everyone’s a winner as we’ll be distributing voucher codes for big discounts on the day again!

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