Epic Bike Rides of the World

What could inspire you to take-on one of the epic bike rides of the world? The answer could be very simple. Lonely Planet, that favourite of traveller’s brands, has come-up with a book that sets out to do just that!

Cycling Gent review

Our Cycling Gent is always looking for smart cycling tips to share, so this week he reviews this coffee-table tome. As a seasoned traveller, he’s no stranger to Lonely Planet. At SplashMaps we always love catching up with the team at LP at book fairs in the UK and USA.

Out of the backpack and onto the saddle

Since we’ve known them the brand, originally started by Tony Wheeler and once owned by the BBC, has been adept at holding onto their core of back-packers from the ’80s & ’90s. At the same time, they move with the times through complimentary magazines and publications as well as deeper experiences on-line. In each format they play to their core strength; deep research to help get you to where you want most simply and inspiring you to go further.

Epic Bike Rides now!

Don’t forget, every epic bike ride needs a memorable map. Perferably one that’ll survive anything on your journey and you’ll keep for ever. Sort yours out for ANYWHERE in the world here!

You can pick up a copy of the book Epic Bike Riders of the World here.

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