What do our customers say?

We’ve sold thousands of maps now and have hundreds of on-line customers.  We’ve collected stats from those that bought on-line and those that bought retail.   But what do our customer say about SplashMaps?

What non-Mappy thing you'd do with a SplashMap?

What non-Mappy thing you’d do with a SplashMap?

Will people move from traditional maps and GPS to SplashMaps?

75% of our customers were buying paper maps before they bought their first SplashMap. Now only 7% said they would go back to their old maps! Conclusion: Get it into people’s hands and they soon understand the benefits. Here’s some expert views on film.

What benefits are most valued?

Bracing himself for Summer!

25% are wearing them round their necks!

An amazing 95% of people want to scrunch their maps! Fed-up with the rigidity of GPS and paper, they really want to stuff things in their pockets and 25% of them wear them around their necks! There were another 30 uses people found for the maps including picnic blankets and a surprising number of bandage and sling suggestions. “Just so much more versatile and weather proof, and packable“.

What’s most important when choosing a map?

What would influence a customer to buy?

What would influence a customer to buy?

Price you might think? You’d be wrong! Only 7% of the group said that price was the most important factor. 85% said it was versatility and robustness. “If I’m spending money on something I want it to last and be really useful too.”

What makes the SplashMap most useful?

What kind of maps they used to buy

What kind of maps they used to buy

77% say that it’s because it’s indestructible and 71% because it’s waterproof. Regards the content, 60% of respondents thought the clarity of the map was what they liked the most. “My Dad really appreciated the pubs being marked on :)”

SplashMap at Eroica

Okay so what doesn’t work well?
Well you’ve got to ask? There were very low percentages here with just 12% believing that the content could be improved. When elaborating some of these wanted greater detail and some less. Well we cater for both now by offering 1:40 000 and 1:25 000 and pretty soon we’ll be adding to these options too. There’s great input here which validates our recent improvements to print quality and an even finer weaved and lighter material ;-).

We’ll constantly improve our offering thanks to our close contact with our fabulous customer base!



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