Club Ride Resolution

One of the silliest things I ever did was allow my membership of the NewForce Mountain Bike Club to lapse! A new year and they’re an important part of my Club Ride Resolution.

Today’s ride used the Stockbridge SplashMap for a 3 hour mud-fest. The ride attracted at least 25 riders and the team quickly sorted us by ability and led us out in 3 different directions.

Why ride with a club? We all need a break for the norm. Hard work is no excuse! And the people that you meet become warm friends or fascinating new connections with a mutual taste for sog and slog. A big factor is that the safety in numbers means you can ride later, longer and stretch your skills further.

Start your own Club Ride Resolution and join NewForce or your nearest equivalent right now (of course SplashMaps are available for ALL clubs in the world!)

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