Survivalist and Bushcraft Mapping

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Take your bushcraft and exploring adventures to the next level with highly detailed and exceptionally durable SplashMaps.

Ideal map to ground navigation

Because a SplashMap can be folded or scrunched to the exact section of interest it’s perfect for ‘map to ground’ navigation. Simply hold the map for regular checking against features you see in the environment. Keep shifting your thumb and ‘thumb’ the route as you progress. Use a blade of grass or stick as a more accurate pointer when map checking with others.

Choose the perfect bushcrafting map

Our map maker is the most powerful tool for creating indestructible, exceptionally detailed and clear bushcrafting fabric maps for anywhere, world-wide. Simply tap in the location of interest, then the scale and format that best works for you. Weatherproof SplashMaps are the format of choice for our Bushcraft Ambassador, Nick Goldsmith of Hidden Valley Bushcraft. To create the perfect personalisation why not upload a logo or your trail?

Uncompromising detail

SplashMaps’ uncompromising map detail comes thanks to our licensed data and map images from famous brands like Ordnance Survey,Open Street Map and Harvey Maps. Our super fine print on our closely woven fabric means all features are beautifully clear.

Durable maps for a lifetime of bushcraft

Bushcrafters value multiple uses for lots of their kit. Despite being used (abused?) as headwear, slings and make-shift carrying bags we have yet to hear of a SplashMap that’s failed. Clearly these maps are made for a lifetime of bushcraft. So title your map well. Who knows, It could guide the next generation!

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