Brand Licensing

Brand Licensing

Got something to sell? Why not your name? Or your logo?  Perhaps something you call art?

Folks crammed into the BLE2017 at Olympia

Yes, it’s that brand licensing time of year again. And if you want AC:DC or Pokamon or even the permission to put an emoji on your backside without fear of litigation, then the Brand Licensing Europe exhibition was the place to be seen this week.

Brand licensing is bonkers!

Look, it’s just silly

A bonkers array of cartoon characters roamed a relatively small section of Olympia this week. Familiar Brands were promoted by agents, new ones begged for attention and the whole place was awash with licensing deals and dripping with royalties.

It’s a ghastly world behind the glitz. Dogs eat dogs, lawyers sue both and behind the whole lot the cold finger of merchandising rights has the potential to transform today’s fad into tomorrow’s plastic “bought-on-a-whim” purchase.


So why was I there?

As a person that sells purposeful solid state products – with all the permissions I need to make the best content in the world – I couldn’t wait to leave! So why was I there?

Can’t say at this stage. But a lot of people are likely to get their hands on our London Illustrated map quite soon!

St Pancrass or Kings Cross? An illustrated map brings London to life.


Comfort is a large volume and a cuppa!

I lasted 2 hours before I had to seek refuge at the British Library (just love it there!) where I thumbed my way through a large volume on disputed borders and had a cup of tea with their licensing people.

My idea of fun? A night at the Library!

Much more me!

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