Bodily fluids, scrunching and invading

Excess bodily fluids, scrunching and invading Europe & beyond! These seem to be the favoured themes for journalists covering our Fabric SplashMaps this winter season.

We’re chuffed that Cycling World feature our new International maps and highlighting that personalised and bespoke maps can now be made of anywhere outside the polar regions!

Cycling World


Building on the theme that SplashMaps can be used in Skiing, biking, teckking and canoeing, Active Traveller highlight the washability idea and even suggest nose blowing!  Well, why not.  They go on to lament that the OS mapping, so great in Great Britain, cannot not extend globally.  Never fear guys!  For the activities above, you’re better with our global REAL outdoors spec anyway.

Active Traveller

20141222 ActiveTraveller Mag


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