Altar-native use of a fabric map

It’s careful work making a super-clear map image on our unique SplashTex recycled fabric tablecloths. So occasionally we get a message like this:

“I have placed an order with you this evening and I am aware that my order will take some time to produce.” wrote Crystal McAlister from the rural capital of food, Melton Mowbray. But she certainly found it worth the short wait!

Our personalised one-offs

True, it can take time, because we accumulate orders, manufacture carefully and ship in bulk, it can take up to 15 working days for our personalised one-offs to arrive.

Altar-native use of a SplashMap

Yet another use of a fabric map!

What followed soon became what must be the 140th altar-native use for a fabric map from SplashMaps. Could this map be the first pre-ordained to inspire the good Christian community of Leicestershire?

This would be fabulous

“I don’t know if it is possible but if I could receive it by Sunday 3rd October this would be fabulous.”

Er, okay, so the usual approach was not going to work. But I am grateful to our favourite printer, TNT’s lightning-fast overnight service and – perhaps – some help from above😇for making this happen.

Crystal gets ordained! Map tablecloth as a guide to her new parish

Pioneer – reaching people in the edgelands

“I am a pioneer priest in the Church of England and my first communion service is taking place on the 3rd [the day] after my ordination on 2nd in Leicester Diocese.” You can see how well this went on twitter.

“Your map would be used to cover the altar table as I preside and would, no doubt, allow people to ask questions about how I do church differently, reaching the people in the edgelands of society with the Christian faith,” and that defined Crystal’s map title ‘Edgelands’ … “I am sure your map would be a talking point,” she added.

That was certainly the case when I caught up and asked Crystal how it all went.

Praying for villagers across the area

“It was amazing, thank you! Can’t thank you enough for your speedy response with this beautiful cloth map. Praying for villages across the area made it even more special”.

Good luck Crystal and community! We just love to see groups congregated around our maps.

A personalised Ordnance Survey tablecloth from SplashMaps helps groups discover adventure anywhere
A personalised tablecloth helps groups discover adventure anywhere

How might a tablecloth inspire your group?

Be it spiritual, walking, riding, climbing, emergency first responders or even tour-guided; whatever your group, it can be inspired by congregating around a SplashMaps Tablecloth. Why not Create one now?

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