Bike: a festival of cycling

Bike AdBike: a festival of cycling

We’re in Surrey for Bike: a festival of cycling at Farnham’s Maltings on Sunday 10th July!  BUY ANY MAP FROM THE SPLASHMAPS WEBSITE, THEN TWEET OR FB US & YOU’LL GET IN FREE! 

It’s an amazing celebration of cycling and our main festival of the season ahead of Autumn Fair. Everyone can look at the latest kit, try out new bikes, watch arthouse films, take part in workshops and fun competitions, browse the cycle jumble – or just do what cyclists do best – drink good coffee and eat cake!

Love Bike festivals

Love Bike festivals

You’d better be there ’cause we’re;

  • Giving away maps! (see below)
  • Showing off our
  • Taking to the podium to present our full story
  • And latest offers

Festival of Cycling1) Want a SplashMap for nothing?  Simply get a photo of you with one of our limited edition LUSH SplashMaps knot wraps. Then come to the stand and claim one of our Surrey series Reigate, Guildford or Dorking Ordnance Survey fabric maps!

Photo yourself with an Exclusive LUSH SplashMap

Photo yourself with an Exclusive LUSH SplashMap and claim one free!

2) Want another SplashMap for nothing?  One of our Surrey Maps is part of the events main prize draw.

3) Biggest treat? Learn how easy it is to get your bespoke neck warmers and SplashMaps to celebrate your club, area, community or shop.

Join us at Surrey’s Bike: a festival of cycling !



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