5 years!

5 Years!

SplashMaps is 5 years old today! Now as it’s our birthday, it’s a great time to look back at those stand-out moments on our quest to make the best outdoors maps in the world!  It also a day to share the love with a 1 day exclusive offer to our Newsletter subscribers (see the bottom of this post).

Here’s our Top 10 moments in the past 5 years:

1) The successful Kickstarter Campaign and the coverage we got –

Many of the initial investors (and our later Angel investor) came from the GeoMob community – there’s no doubt in my mind that we’d be half the company we are today without them. Thanks Guys! Join us for the next gathering of the movers and shakers in geo.

2) Our Angel investor injects funds and the personalised SplashMap is born –

It was great to get involved in the process of selling part of the business and working with an investor to grow it.

Check the industry beating 1 minute personalisation map maker we created together

3) The response of Real Outdoors folk


Starting with the Outdoors Show in 2013 we’ve seen a lot of people take the product to heart and use it their own way.  Love videos like this one (from earlier this year – from 5 mins…).  Great advice on Snowdon walking.


4) The launch and growth of our Toob products

SplashMaps New Forest Toob

Beyond the fun of all our other product innovations, the Toob, by becoming part of most outdoors folks’ kit, really built upon the original SplashMap concept. As an article of outer-wear, the map is always on-hand!  The products became our most popular gifts once we added them as an option to the Make-a-Map service!

5) Okay, Dragons’ Den appearance – all that publicity and no loss in equity.

Gold dust?  Did we milk it well enough?  You decide! Check what happened “behind the scenes” 😉


6) Starting work with the big retailers – Maps in Cosmetics?

Starting with Lush we’ve learned a lot about retail, and just how far we can extend our brand and fine print into new markets. Thanks to Lush our business has become involved with ethical sourcing, rapid prototyping programmes and creating whole new exclusive mapping styles. It’s hard not to be inspired!

7) Our move into the gift world,

Broadening our product portfolio with the Toob and new options on the site has opened a lot of new doors for us.

8) Gaining more than 40 retailers

It’s been simple for us to gain national and then world-wide coverage of maps, but just as rewarding to build a network of retail partners spanning the country and now beyond!

9) The move toward ethical business standards –

SplashTex recycled fabric maps will keep plastic bottles out of the ocean..

SplashTex is the most ethical material a map has ever been printed on.

10) And certainly not least!  All the Amazing people and …

SplashMaps and Friends celebrate in France

10A) The definately the soggy outdoorsy experiences we’ve gained together!

And as we’re in a celebratory mood, we’re announcing an exclusive offer to our Newsletter subscribers today!  Not signed up yet?  Fill your details before midday today!

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Here’s to the next 5!!


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