3D fly-through

Ordnance Survey get some great coverage for their 3D viewer

Ordnance Survey get some great coverage for their 3D viewer

We just love a 3D fly-through

There’s been a great deal of hype about Ordnance Survey’s recent 3D fly-through.

Automatically generated from your choice of place (restricted to Great Britain of course) and, with the right device and software, you can generate a 3D image of your walk or ride!

Hang-on, isn’t there a simpler way?

But, just this week I received my personalised Ordnance Survey SplashMap of the 3 Peaks in Yorkshire.  I’d set this up just a few days ago.  When it arrived I realised I didn’t need an app on my phone, didn’t need a computer, didn’t need to input any walking detail!  My 3D fly through took 5 seconds to put together.

The SplashMaps 3D fly-though you’ll prefer

Check our low-budget, hyper real, scrunch-up and put-it-in-your-pocket style SplashMap fly-through for yourself.  Then set-up your own one for anywhere on the planet!

How to make your 5 second 3D model

  1. Order a SplashMap of anywhere on the planet and give it your own name (let’s make this personal)
  2. Steal a small child’s lego.  If none to hand some of our customers use beer mugs, cutlery and salt cellars (they are keen on pubs and the maps are beer-proof!)
  3. When the map arrives check the contours on the map and make a very rough outline of the mountain profile using the bricks (or other stuff)
  4. Drape the map over the bricks and push them into place.  Make sure to pinch the map where you get escarpments and cliffs

Job done!  Simply whiz your phone camera over the scene and we’d be delighted to share the results with all our followers! @splashmaps or #splashmaps on your favourite social media.



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