You don’t need to be a superstar!

Be a superstar

You don’t need to be a superstar. Matt and Rees have already tested your gear…around the world… on a moped! Trust them, it works!

Isn’t it great when people test your gear, so you don’t need to be a superstar? There’s your 50m waterproof watch that someone deep-sea dove to prove it didn’t leak. Your aviator jacket that someone took to the ionosphere, and your backpack, tried and tested on multiple +5000m mountains. 

You may never do these things yourself, but you’re glad they did – right?

Confidence in your kit

These superstar human beings really tested your gear. They’ve given you confidence in your kit, even if you don’t aspire to go through the same extreme challenges. And, if you do, they’ve been an amazing inspiration.

The crazies have done that for you!

For SplashMaps, these superstars are our explorers and adventurers. We love to share their stories with you, firstly because they’re great stories, but also so you can genuinely know, our maps will literally NEVER let you down! But don’t bother putting it to the test. Here’s how the crazies have done that for you:

As seen from the sidecar

Matt and Rees circumnavigate by scooter and following a SplashMap… so you don’t have to

Scientific Exploration of the world’s rivers

Matt and Rees travelled around the world on a moped and sidecar using their SplashMap.

John Blashford-Snell and Col Mike Reynolds

John’s embarking on a mission to discover the horned alligator of the Bolivian Amazonas(!) and relying on his SplashMap.

Leading and rescue on the world’s mountains

Will uses his SplashMaps in rescue and mountain leadership around the world

Will has climbed the Matterhorn and plucks climbers from mortal danger on the Scottish slopes with his SplashMaps.

jordan-wylie-with splashmap-rannoch-boat
Jordan Wylie’s extreme adventures test our products so you don’t have to

Jordan used his maritime SplashMap to row across shark infested, pirate governed waters, while raising a lot of money for a children’s charity.

You don’t need to be a superstar!

Luckily, you don’t need to be a superstar to justify having your own SplashMap.  You know it’s going to work – the superstars proved it! So, you can just relax and enjoy using it for your own adventures (big or small), whether you’re walking, cycling, running, riding or any other way you appreciate the great outdoors.

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