Wear a map – there’s evidence you’ll stay well!

Protecting People since April 2020

It’s so gratifying to read evidence that our masks have been protecting people since April 2020! Our latest campaign aims to protect even more with an awesome deal for you on our stocked designs and retailers and business on our custom designs!

http://www.splash-maps.comOur campaign to get maps on faces continues

Products that improve people’s lives

We’d been working on a trail mask idea when suddenly the crisis was causing a shortage of PPE for the NHS. Small businesses could reduce the pressure on the health system and SplashMaps could move fast. Fortunately, we love making products that improve people’s lives and, with the help of the Nuffield Institute’s research, we adapted our designs.

Plenty of evidence

Deeper into the pandemic, the evidence shows we made the right choices. This article in medical journal, Nature, tracks through a bewildering amount of work and finds plenty of evidence of masks, like ours protecting communities around the globe. 
In short, the studies found that;  

  • “…even a cotton T-shirt can block half of inhaled aerosols and almost 80% of exhaled aerosols measuring 2 µm across.” and 
  • the best results come from “Multiple layers of different fabrics… the tighter the weave, the better,”  and
  • “masks with layers of different materials — such as cotton and silk — could catch aerosols more efficiently than those made from a single material.”

You can be confident

You can be confident our two layered Polyester and Cotton masks with our pin-sharp print quality are the right choice for you. 

Beside beautiful design and protection, how about a sustainability excuse? Look down at a drain or a grassy siding by a road. How may re-usable masks do you see?

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