Unique gifts designed by you

Cover your freinds and family with something unique for less than a fiver!

Dear Reader, we’ve got great offers, inspired by some of 2020’s challenges, to kick off Black Friday week this year. As we’ve all missed out on being with friends and family, celebrating shared experiences with your tribe is more important than ever.

Personalised SplashMaps Toob Masks are less than £20

You can bring yours together this Black Friday week with personalised fabric map and mask gifts tailored especially for them and starting from less than £5 each!

Weatherproof SplashMaps are the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors

It’s easy, just pick a special/memorable place and a message or title they’ll all love, then choose one of the10 versatile map formats – from original square style to Toobs, towels or tablecloths – and one of the 3 different map scales to suit.

Personalised OS Map towels from SplashMaps are a unique gift for anyone

Extended tribe? You can even share your design for others to buy themselves.

Ordnance Survey Personalised Tablecloths are just one of the many custom map formats you can create using our map maker. Simply choose the place you want, select one of the tablecloth formats and give a title if you wish. Simple!

What could be better than giving the gift of shared adventure tailored to your tribe?  

Black Friday week offers start Monday 23rd November.

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