Ukraine Help

Our Ukraine Kyiv Map Toob – All profits to Ukraine

Can you offer Ukraine Help? Feeling helpless about the war on Ukraine? Horrified as the peaceful civilian population are forced to either fight for survival or flee as refugees? We certainly were so…

Ukraine Kyiv Map Toob

In our own small act of defiance and solidarity, we’ve created a SplashMaps Aid for Ukraine Kyiv Map Toob with ALL profits going to charity for displaced or refugee Ukrainians.

Outdoor Industries

SplashMaps, the OIA & POG
SplashMaps, the OIA and POG team-up to get aid to Ukraine

To ensure the money we raise goes to people who need it most, we’re offering Ukraine help in collaboration with the Outdoor Industries Association and the Poland Outdoor Group . A big thank you goes to them for their expertise.

SplashMaps Needs YOU!

Part of our amazing Toob wearing community

But we REALLY need the help of our close friends and community at SplashMaps, so if you are;

  • An Affiliate – Please point your links to this product in this week’s tweets/ posts & reels. There is no % in it for you, but we’ll see your input and gratitude will flow back! Graphics in the Affiliate Area
  • An Ambassador – Please share this product with your clients and friends
  • A Retailer – buy these in bulk to resell, passing on your margins as a Ukraine donation. Email us!
  • A Customer – buy one or two and share what you’ve done on-line. When it arrives, please photo yourself in it, share & point people here
  • Worked with SplashMaps in the past or now? – point people here and encourage a Ukraine donation by ticking the box. You’ll know the quality they are getting, it’s your CSR & we can’t reach as many people as you can!
  • Anyone that reads this! – Simply suggest people make a map of Anywhere, World-wide right here and ask them to tick the donation box for 20% to go to Ukraine!

Practical and defiant Toobs

We really hope you’ll show your support for Ukraine by wearing one of our practical and defiant Toobs with pride. There’s a limited print run, while we test your reaction, so please get in quick if you’d like one.

We hope you will show your love for the outdoors and support for Ukraine by wearing one of these with pride!

More details of how this came about, had to panel 3 then BUY ONE NOW!

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