Twitter inventions

Why Twitter inventions?

You may have noticed that Twittter is my favourite of the the social media.  For me it’s pretty easy to understand, easy to post and easy to reference and get links out via.  In fact, beaucse I don’t often advertise on this medium it’s more likely you’re going to get the real me and the real SplashMaps on Twitter.  But now it offers so much more!  Now I realise that Twitter inventions could well shape our future!

John and the Mount Kenya Trust using SplashMaps

Elephant proof

As well as the Tweeting fun around our regular haunt, geomob in London, our intrepid expedition partner, John Blashford-Snell and his Scientific Exploration Society posted photos from Africa last week.  John and team (this time the Mount Kenya Trust) order dedicated SplashMaps for anywhere they visit on the planet.  In many cases there’s no where else they could even get a paper map.  In the past John has found SplashMaps to be “Elephant proof” and he’s come to trust SplashMaps in a range of applications while delivering aid to remote communities.

Inventive proposals from

But last week was a little different as serial customer, outward bound instructor (with Above and Below Training), caver and Peak District Search and Rescuer, Andrew Marshall posted shots of some inventive proposals for us this week.  We love it!

Keep it teathered to you

He’s a serial customer!

Andrew’s ex-military and described how he used the maps in the extreme white-out conditions of the Peaks for training expedtions.  The guy with the laminate map?  He had to hide behind a rock :-).

Speaking with Andrew, he recently trained autistic children in map craft.  He notices that the tactile nature of the SplashMap holds their attention a lot longer than the paper version.  Could this be something to build upon?

What’s your invention?

Big question though… what’s your invention?  Would you need toggles and draw stings? Are eyelet holes a good idea? What else would make a SplashMap more useful for your adventuing? Please do get in touch, Tweet (FB or Insta) some photos of what you have in mind!  You never know, you could feature on the blog and maybe get the credit for the next big thing in maps!

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