Traveling Light

Is it a map? No! It's a toilet bag?

Is it a map? No! It’s a toilet bag?

I do a lot of trips out to Europe, and like most people, I like traveling light. I hate putting luggage in the hold, but at the same time I don’t want my day bag to be bulging at the seams. I can just about stuff a laptop bag with 3 days worth of clothes plus cables as well as my work stuff and a toilet bag.

But a short while ago I met a man on the train. He had a terrific idea. He made sure all his toiletries were solid (even the toothpaste).  This meant 3 things;

  1. No public emptying of the, often very personal, contents of your bag into a see-through bag at customs
  2. You can slice your soaps, toothpastes and shave foam to exactly the quantities you need
  3. You don’t actual
    My bits and bob for the Eurostar to Brussels

    My bits and bobs for the Eurostar to Brussels

    ly need the bulk of a toilet bag at all!

So what would you use instead?

Well there could be a reason I’m writing about this in the SplashMaps blog.  And just think… you could wrap your things inside your destination! And that destination could be anywhere in the world!

So who was the man on the train? Well, right now I can tell you that, whoever it was, commissioned a number of bespoke maps and he’s become instrumental in plans to launch our international cities AND the first of our recycled fabric SplashMaps.

Wrapping up

Wrapping up

And the knotted wrap ready for the rucksack

And the knotted wrap ready for the rucksack


2 responses to “Traveling Light”

  1. Kim Mason says:

    Every student, traveller, adventurer, explorer, hiker, cyclist and wanderer should know about both. You should really create a short 30 sec video demonstrating this and get Go Camping or Cotswold Outdoors on board (among others).

    Lovely example of a chance meeting leading to a happy outcome !

    • David says:

      It would be great to be with those guys! But they’re hard to reach. Any contacts gratefully received! Definately a great product for Go Outdoors or Cotswolds that’s for sure. Wander who’ll pick it up first!