Tips on Map Care

Tip-top condition

I’m developing a map collection, and beginning to get into it. It’s not quite University of Cambridge Map Library standard, but I am hitting upon a bunch of issues you’ll have if you have more than “a few maps”. Keep yours in tip-top condition by following my top tips for map care!

High Street names don’t make products

Ikea don’t make the perfect flat pack “Billie” for maps. Highstreet names don’t make products to mark, preserve or restore maps. In fact for map owners there’s a yawning gap when it comes to map care.

What is the ideal way?

I have historic paper maps, current paper maps and fabric maps from all eras in my collection. They range from pre-war escape and evasion maps right-up to today’s technological marvels, SplashMaps. In my travels I see maps preserved under glass, in drawers, rescued from dusty jumble sales and the corners of people’s attics. But what is the ideal way to care for your maps?

Watch on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JuSGT8LgSo&t=1s

1 minute film aimed to inspire

I hope you enjoy this 1-minute film aimed to inspire you to take the right care for your precious collection. I’d love to hear your thoughts and see just how you store your maps too! Got any better ideas? Please leave your response below:

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