The Rights we nurture

The Rights we nurture

SplashMaps is nothing more than an exceptionally good fine detail fabric printing company were it not for the rights we nurture. We are truly grateful that in the past 5 years so many great map companies have entrusted us with licensed rights to some of the finest maps in the world.

Returning the thanks

Example of 1:25k OS Map on our Pro fabric

Right now I am completing the royalty returns for the year. The way I look at it it’s our way of returning the thanks for a year of unlimited access to some amazing resources like those at Ordnance Survey, Harper Collins and Harvey Maps.

Helping commemorate 100 years


SplashMaps has built its own rights in the same way. Our unique designs and ability to print on broader ranges of fabrics are getting us into more inspirational events and sectors. Just this week we are making our first batch of Arctic charts for sale in the most Southerly Shop on the planet thanks to the British Antarctic Survey. We’re also helping commemorate 100 years since Armistice with the National Memorial Arboretum. The flexibility we have is opening the potential of new markets for fabric maps all the time.

Building relationships at the Fairs

SplashMaps at the New York Rights Fair May 30th to 1st June.

Building relationships around these rights is important. That’s why I’m heading to the London Book Fair today, meeting with great companies like APA Publications (Insights guides), Lonely Planet, Cicerone and why SplashMaps has a stand at the Rights Fair in New York this May.

Yours will be the next

Great content deserves a great medium. Our rights partners are seeing that as we open new markets for their holdings. Do you have content aimed at the outdoors? Contact us and maybe yours will be the next rights we nurture through fabric and into profits.

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