Choosing the perfect Map Gift

Choosing the perfect map gift might need a little thought. But there’s a super simple secret for getting it spot-on. Here’s our guide to getting that ‘Wow’ moment when the wrap comes off.

The secret to creating ideal Christmas gifts

A few moments considering who the ideal Christmas gift is for and when, where and how they’d use it pays massive dividends. Download our FREE ‘Map for All seasons’ book to apply some real design thinking. Services like our Map Maker give you the power to choose Scale, Size, Format, Location and even personalisation features like a title or uploads of crests, brands or even their favourite Strava trail!

Get the best advice

Ask someone in the know. We’ve a number of adventure friends who test outdoor gear to their extremes. Who better to guide your outdoor kit choices?

Christmas gift her

Who better to ask than Cathy and Petra from Wild Mountain NI. They’re always leading people through the mountains, guiding with fabric maps and layering with Toobs.

Christmas gift for dad

Having toyed with wildcamping, hiking and trekking, he may want to spend some time reading a map ‘like a newspaper’. Dad’s are great at finding multiple purposes for anything. Introduce them to our Bushcrafting Ambassador -Author and former Royal Marine- Nick Goldsmith and he’ll soon come out with hints!

Christmas gifts for him

Chaz Powell, ranger in the Cairngorms, once walked the length of the Zambezi and became Explorer of the Year for the Scientific Exploration Society. If it works for his adventures, it will work for most.

The secret to making the perfect Christmas gift personalised

Don’t know all those answers? Sometimes we don’t eaither. But that’s great! Vouchers are the perfect solution for you. Put the power of choosing in their hands. Our printed vouchers look superb and cover the cost of delivery.

Christmas gift under £20

SplashMaps’ Black Friday Gift offers

There will always be offers several weeks before the big holidays in the year. So it pays to keep an eye on offers. Ours now include Christmas gifts under £20.

But offers aren’t just about ‘money off’. Look for what will make your gift unique. That’s the route to leaving a deep impression.

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