The business behind SplashMaps is now fully formed

Hi All

As you know from previous posts, there’s been good media interest in SplashMaps. 

  • Trade magazines in the Geo-world pick-up on the open data aspects,
  • the local radio on the story behind our motivations to start SplashMaps and now
  • BBC television want our story behind the unique way we’ve funded this… i.e. being the first UK company to successful gain crowd funding via Kickstarter and without any help from the bank.

Despite the time spent on this and the considerable advances made on our site-centring, open source, open data UK map engine, there has still been time to focus on making a solid business.

This week I was able to distribute shares and our first share holder agreements!  So now we have quite an eco-system to engage with;-

-Directors (3)

-Shareholders (6)

-Backers (101)

-Volunteer Map makers from the OpenStreetMap (seemingly infinite… but certainly more than 200 000)

As well as a growing customer base (buy yours and get it delivered before Christmas!) and followers on Twitter, our blog, Kickstarter and our News Paper, SplashMaps Times.  It’s comforting to start such a great business in such good company!

Our marketing programme will begin in earnest in the New Year and will show how we plan to use new and existing channels to get these maps into any outdoor adventurers hands.  First announcements later this week!

Have a great week!


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