Thank your Mother

Who taught you how to walk?

How did your Mum inspire you into the outdoors?

Mothers do so much for you. Most people reading this blog are avid walkers or lovers of the outdoors. But just think back to why that came about? After all, who taught you how to walk? Took you on that first longer stretch-of-a-toddle and encouraged you to go further?  Time to thank your mother?

Thank you for the shared journey

The shared journeys

Though it’s another commercial day in the year, Mother’s Day seems a good time to remember the importance of those first few steps, the shared journeys since and the journey and influence that have led to an appreciation of “out there”.

The best of your relationship

Now a parent myself I realise what hard work it is to get kids into the outdoors. When they do they love it! You get the best of your relationship, a deeper discussion, better plans made and a stronger feeling of togetherness. But it does take a lot of energy to first get out the door. And although you can remember what a great time you all had, somehow their memories fade fast.

Remember that was you once!

From first steps

The gentle persistence

So celebrate those first steps in the best way you can think of, mark those encouraging words and the gentle persistence that helped you realise your love of outdoors and adventure and thank your Mother for being there at the start.

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