Survey Results

QuestionnaireimageNothing could prepare me for the survey results from our latest set of questions on Tuesday.  Most of the time I’m pretty buoyant about SplashMaps, our +4000 map sales, 30 retailers, growing presence on the internet and still unique offering on the market.  I loved crunching the on-line sales numbers to reveal that 25% of our customers are repeat business (well above industry norms) and that the revenue and margins keeps building.

Net promoter score

Our Net promoter score is 20 points above the mean, meaning our customers love what we’ve made

Questionnaires usually help us check if our latest ideas are going to work or not. But this time we were more interested in who our customers really are, why they buy and if we’re getting it right.  It ended in a simple generic question “How likely is it that you would recommend SplashMaps to a friend or colleague?”

So what’s so amazing about this survey?

  1. It proved the most popular survey yet and within 2 hours of publication we had over 100 responses!
  2. It turns out that we’re a full 20 points ahead of the industry average when it comes to recommending to a friend or colleague!  In fact 65% of the respondents rated us at 9 or 10 on the 1-10 scale for this question.

And what about who’s buying our maps?

72% of our generous customers buy these maps as gifts!  What a great idea.  That explains all the weddings we’re doing right now.

The maps are mainly used by Walkers, Map fanatics, cyclists and runners.

My favorite quote;

“I have used a buff for fell running and mountaineering but the SplashMaps are so much more special. They carry a host of memories and dreams of trips yet to be done. They inspire and fuel great conversations. A brilliant product” John Lyon, Dark Peak Fell Running Club


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