SplashMaps Trade

Steady Mike!
Got a commercial idea?  There’s lots we can do for you

At SplashMaps we’re masters at making one-off maps!  Have a design that deserves to be on fabric? Whether you need one or one thousand, here’s where you get started.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for latest trade offers, quotes and if you have a great idea.

Get started with your own design

Have a great design that deserves to be on fabric? Large or small, simply add the quantity and upload your print file on the button:-

Why choose SplashMaps?

  • They’re amazingly simple for navigation by anyone. They’re causing a buzz with experts and are always making news
  • Their novelty makes for heaps of engagement with your customers.  Map reading with no folding? Maps that have washing instructions?
  • They look beautiful in a retail setting
  • Generous Trade discounts kick-in for as few as 3 SplashMaps!
  • The product maintains a comfortable premium above normal maps
  • SplashMaps maps are zero rated for VAT!! You get to keep all that margin!
  • Our bespoke design is a unique way to stay permanently in your customers’ hands; they’ll remember you as well as their journey.

Want to to make something unique, but don’t want to hold stock? Our Print on Demand Service

Just want to print one of your own designs on our amazing fabric?

Want to earn money from your design on sale through our site? Apply to be an affiliate.