SplashMaps Scouting Competition

We love working with future adventurers.  So we’re so excited about our SplashMaps Scouting Competition!  We’ve now gone public with this as 100 000 copies of the Scouting Magazine begin to drop on the doormats of adventurous parents up and down the country.

Competition in Scouting Magazine

Competition in Scouting Magazine

The competition represents our biggest give-away to date!  3 lucky Scout groups will receive 4 maps of their area featuring their own insignia.

What do they have to do?

Create their own map.

And how have we made it easy for them?

We’ve provided a free guide to perfect map making, “A map for all seasons”.  Simply download it from our website.


Northampton get trained on A4 and A3 sized SplashMaps

See all the details on page 61 of Scouting Magazine!

On 16th October we will present our new international maps at Baden-Powel House with John Blashford-Snell as we celebrate 30 years since the first Operation Raleigh circumnavigation.

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