Indestructible Maps – Hotter Than Dragon’s Breath!

Indestructible Maps – Hotter Than Dragon’s Breath! 

September’s-Full media release here!

as-seen-onDragons’ Den’s “affable entrepreneur” was at the Birmingham NEC’s Autumn Fair (4th-7th Sept stand 5L41). Discover why his award-winning¹ fabric indestructible maps are selling like fragrant balls at Lush.

Fabric indestructible maps

Outdoor adventurers love ultra-practical fabric maps already, and now widespread media attention in the UK – including the Dragons’ Den TV show (reaching 2.4 million viewers! ²), BBC TV news and radio, – is bringing them to a whole new audience.

Augusts there was a ten-fold leap!

Fresh converts have been joining savvy walkers, runners, riders, bikers, climbers, canoeists etc. in snapping up SplashMaps following the MD’s visit to the Dragons’ Den.  The exposure didn’t just double sales: in the month of August there was a ten-fold leap, more than 42 thousand new visitors to our website and a need to take on more staff to meet the demand.  sales-growth-to-augustNatural cosmetics retailer Lush recognised the potential too – they now use fabric city maps as attractive, practical and ever-lasting wrapping for their products. You can find them in central London shops, at airports and online.Lash carrier-05 Solid cosmetics ease security checks and a silky city map (recycled from a plastic bottle!) soothes your arrival. Want to freshen up in Barcelona? You’ll know where to go!

The most reliable, practical form of map

What’s the fuss about?  Well, fabric maps are the most reliable, practical, indestructible maps – no need for batteries, signal or folding and they’re happy being dropped!  They’re scrunchable (to stuff into pockets, tie around necks etc.), weatherproof and washable (you can mark on routes or slather them in mud, and they’ll emerge from the machine as new).  You can centre them anywhere worldwide(!), choose a scale to suit your activity and customise them with your own titles, logos etc.  So they’re popular for sporting or other events, weddings, corporate gifts and more.

We love a challenge

The “affable entrepreneur” (as the BBC labelled him), more usually known as SplashMaps MD, David Overton comments, “It’s a phenomenal time for us.  Orders are flying in, not just from individuals buying for themselves or as gifts, but bulk orders of custom maps for all kinds of uses.  People are getting creative with our maps; Lush’s knot wraps are a great example. We worked closely with them to develop environmentally friendly city maps and deliver the initial 1,800 they ordered within 7 weeks.  They’ve proved popular and we’re looking at more collaborations; we hope we’ll find some more at this year’s Autumn Fair.  Of course as adventurers we love a challenge!”

Photo: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g5zf2bxiav9ud6k/AABkOPOE4LKmLoroN-E_S8J7a?dl=0

You can find SplashMaps at www.splash-maps.com along with all the latest map news and design tips.


2 responses to “Indestructible Maps – Hotter Than Dragon’s Breath!”

  1. Romy says:

    We’ve known for a long time that Splash Maps are brilliant and are so glad that they are hitting the wider world.

  2. Many thanks for your support over the past couple of years Rosemary! It’s been great to see a serial fan like you come back. How did the personalised maps for each of your family go down? It’s been great seeing other members of the family buying too. You must be well networked and now well on-track 😉