SplashMap for a tenner at Adventure Travel Show?


Customers sharing their SplashMaps tales from 2015’s shows

Fancy getting your next Personalised SplashMap for a tenner? That’s a massive £18.99 off!! Any customer who brings their SplashMap to the Adventure Travel Show on Sunday 24th January (Olympia, London) and is prepared to talk to my iPad for 1 minute of fun filming will get a voucher entitling them to a SplashMap!

It’s the ideal reason to come to the Adventure Travel show, choose where you’re going this year and get hold of a SplashMap of that place at the same time!  Vouchers are limited, so get in quick!!

Coming along? Send me an email (info@splashmaps.net) and we’ll arrange a time and place for you to get your SplashMap for a tenner!


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