SplashMaps on their Christmas lists this year

20131119 An inklingChristmas is coming, and with the onset of some wintery weather I’ve got my map pretty permanently around my neck.  And we’re very pleased to see that so many people have SplashMaps on their Christmas lists this year.

How do we know this?  These lists are pretty public domain these days, and sharp eyed entrepreneurs know what’s going to excite our favorite people this year!

Two of the most exciting gift listing sites for me are;-

1) The Bike list:  People with bikes present an obvious choice for a Christmas present.  But what from the huge array of gifts should you choose?  High Vis jackets are high on my list this year… but a new bike will be top of the list in 2014 (my personal list) and I’ll head here to get it.

2) An-Inkling:  This is a new site (and a must visit for any secret Santa or awkward relative gift challenge).  The web site is part funded by our friends in the location business, Lokku.  Regards the Christmas list, an inking goes even further.  Their on-line tool allows you to build a profile for your giftee (Male/ Female/ Age/ Sporty/ Arty/ Young/ Not so Young/ Extravagant or a bit like me).  The profile building can be fun, but the engine churns through what’s on offer from 200 different retailers even as you refine your profile.  The popular and best reviewed find their way to the top.

SplashMaps is on both these lists, but if you really want to show your creative flair, in my view, you need to make your own map for the Adventurous person in your life.

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