SplashMaps award for inspirational Geo Projects

The SplashMaps award for inspirational Geo Projects is always well contested at the Geomob in London!  And we’ve been doing this since March 2014 as part of our Sponsorship of the London based GeoMob events. The events expose the latest in the Geo World and it’s a great way to stay ahead of the traditional thinking in the mapping world.

This month the award went to a presentation by BirdMaps. Liz Scott gave her presentation on tracking tagged birds to establish breeding and migratory patterns.  Including her favourite shag sites. Well done Liz! Well deserved. You win a London SplashMap!

Liz Scott on birds

This months’ event featured GeoRanking, an app developed by serial Geomobsters Edward and Shane who just graduated this week.  Amazing that in their spare time they started a business to help visualise locations by postcode! My apologies for mis-pronouncing your business name!

We’re part of a sponsorship team including Steven Feldman of KnowWhere who’s made a great post about the evnenings event.

Indeed his post is a great and well deserved thankyou to the driving force behind this growing event (close to 1000 members who we always meet in the pub afterwards).  A chap called Ed Freyfogle of OpenCage.  We’d like to add our thanks too Steve!  Ed’s also an investor in innovative businesses that tend to rise through geomob… such as SplashMaps, Pushr and What3Words.

Ed an I talk busines over the good Belgian stuff before Geomob

Ed and I talk business over the good Belgian stuff before Geomob

For a full list of winners (and those that have won their own SplashMaps as a result) check here.  Think you’ve got what it takes to win the SplashMaps award for inspirational Geo Projects? Want to give your project exposure to those who can really help (investment, advice, developers and gurus of geo in every shape and size); get on Ed’s forward list!

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