SplashMaps at Everest Base camp

adv-travel We’re on top of the world with SplashMaps at Everest Base camp and Adventure Travel Magazine.

Rosie (AT’s editor in chief) and the team are long-term fans of SplashMaps for their adventures.  She created her own SplashMap of Everest Basecamp and discovered 5 new ways to use a SplashMap in these harsh conditions.

Check Scott Biales excellent centre 11 pager in this months edition.  Scott runs a site called “Ditch the Map“, don’t think he’ll ditch this one.

adv-travelcoverNext time you’re out with a map, ask yourself if it could double up as a flannel, dust mask, soap storage, and sun protection?  If not, it’s time to go SplashMap.  And remember you can mark your ascent and descent using a washable felt-tipped pen!

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