Smart Textile SplashMaps for Military History

SmartT allows us to redefine the military history map

SplashMaps for Military History

Our €5m SmartT project collaboration with Interreg, Southampton and Rouen Universities (plus spin-offs) dives into one of our original design inspirations. We love spending time with World War 2 enthusiasts, and it makes us wonder: Could Smart Textile SplashMaps for Military History be the wold’s first scrunchable GPS product?

Survival and escape

Bob Shaw of Anglia Tours consideres the mix of physical map and digital data

Fascinated with WW2 aircraft as a kid, my glue fogged Airfix Spitfires, Hurricanes and lesser known bombers topped my cupboards. The Dam Busters, Biggles and tails of “into the silk” parachuting heroes filled my bookcase.

But the “what happened next”, -the survival and escape stories – got me enthused about those secret fabric maps. Could it have been a boyhood dream that now makes SplashMaps a prime mover in textile maps and fabric electronics?

New service concepts

We’re grateful to Hill 112 Foundation and Culture Crossings Limited for their help in defining Military History maps

Of course, for an Anglo-French collaboration, World War 2 provides a clear, shared focus. We’ve interviewed, captured requirements and even begun to develop new service concepts for our existing custom map maker. A few insights include:-

  • The need for multiple scales and sizes – battles take in a wide scope and memorial walks need both detail and context
  • Cleaning of digital map images – scanned from historical documents there are often misleading imperfections we can fix in this digital era
  • The ability to upload insignia – events can have a broad or niche appeal. Allowing on-line users to customise their maps strengthens the appeal for their particular niche
  • The ability to display media and content held remotely from the location – more and more digital media content is available.

Generosity and sincerity

We’re grateful for the excellent projects Hill 112 (a Memorial Foundation and also Culture Crossings Limited’s walk focussed on this pivotal feature in Normandy’s liberation),  Taking the Long Way Home (the long trails of Prisoners swept westward by the Nazis ahead of a wave of Russian liberators) and the input of Anglia Battle Tour agency guide, Bob Shaw for these initial insights. The generosity and sincerity of these people in the resources they’ve shared continues to inspire the SmartT team at SplashMaps.

Taking the Long Way Home is an inspirational story brought to life with digital mapping & media

Support, grow and modernise

With input like this and using the strength of the collaboration we can now support, grow and modernise WW2 historical tourism together.

Do you have something to contribute?

The requirements gathering is an iterative process and extends now toward new markets. Do you have something to contribute? We’re looking for:

  • More Input         –              could fabric maps or smart textiles elevate your offering? We’d love to shape these future products with your needs in mind.
  • More Outlets   –              could fabric maps form a part of your retail or merchandise offering to customers? We’d love to serve you.
  • More Insights    –              we’re continually gathering requirements. Be there a military history, leisure, gift or tourism use for Smart Textiles, share your thoughts with us. Who knows, you could shape the future!

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