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France, Jura Map from SplashMaps


The Jura Map from SplashMaps

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The France, Jura Map from SplashMaps is a stunning map in our trusted outdoors style.  The Jura Map coves the local trails, roads and sites centred on Clairvaux les Lacs in the heart of the Haut Jura National Park.

The map clearly shows all the trails, forests, peaks, habitations and all the important navigation features you expect on a SplashMap.  For super clear depictions of the slopes this map features hill shading as well as contours.

This map was originally defined by one of our Francophile founders. David Overton says, “This is a beautiful area of France and perfect for exploring by mountain bike, hiking, canoeing and paddleboarding. Clairvaux les Lacs is the optimal place to centre a map for anyone wanting to explore the Jura’s rivers, lakes and extensive trail network.”

Sharing the Jura Map

As is becoming a habit for our generous customers, David knows that great maps that last forever need to be shared. “Our hosts, Beatrice and Jerome, were amazing and were thrilled that we left our map with them.” How better to show your appreciation for fantastic stay.

Sharing your adventure

Why not become the adventurer others want to follow? If you’ve taken part in a popular climb, hike, padddle or ride and had a SplashMap made, email us the details. Yours could be the next best selling SplashMap!


Major Features:

Clairvaux les Lacs, River Ain, Pont de Poitte, Saint Maur, Orgelet, Sarrogna, Lac de Vouglans, Charcilla, Maisod, Lac de Bonlieu, Lac de la Motte ou d’Ilay, Lac de Narlay, Lac de Chalain, Fontenu, Lac de Chambly, Lac du Val, Uxelles, Cogna, Menetrux-en-Joux, Chatelneuf, Le Vaudioux, Perrigny, Saint-Maur, Chateau des Pres

Dimensions on map:
27.6km x 27.6km
Size of product (including borders):

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