Romancing the Show

Open Data Artwork wrapped & ready!

Open Data Artwork wrapped & ready!

Judging by recent orders our customers are well ahead of us , but we too will be Romancing the Show at the Excel next week.  Valentines day is bound to be the focus of most Outdoors Show exhibitors on Friday next week.  And according to our current print order queue Romance is in the air for our Make-a-Map customers.

We’re offering a prize (competition open

until the end of the 14th) to the most Romance related titles on these personalised SplashMaps.  Our two favourite so far are ‘C & J’s first date ride’ & ‘Our skinny dip beach’.  Clearly happy and most probably romantic experiences for someone!

What a great way to remember that first meeting, the first kiss, an engagement and … all those other firsts.  The important thing is that all these special occasions can now be captured on a special map that will outlive all other mementoes (perhaps with the exception of the geographic feature you find so memorable!).

And who buys these maps?  Looks like mostly the ladies.  See our latest press release.Women love maps 2014 – approved










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