Reward yourself

It’s our choice

Reward yourself by knowing and finding yourself

In the dark short days of winter it’s easy to be hard on yourself. Exercise can look more like a slog than a pleasure, friends are distant and life under restriction is hard. Yes, we’re spending more time by ourselves, but it’s our choice whether we lament this or reward ourselves for knowing more about where we’re at. Here’s 3 simple practices to reward yourself.

Choose a cause

Jordan Wylie at Cape Wrath and journey’s end

Schooling children displaced by war has lead Jordan Wiley to extraordinary lengths. Feel good about yourself as you improve someone’s life here.

Choose a sense and connect

Each Thursday I savour a single beer Courtesy of Beer Bods. With friends and colleagues I share the experience over WhatsApp. Even my Dad joins in and a drinking session with friends becomes more about sharing your personal experience than sussing who’s round it is next.

Learn where you’re at

The IoW SplashMap opened to full extent on Bembridge Down

This could be a cheesy metaphor, but how better to test your awareness than to find yourself on a map? Interpret those lines, reward yourself for finding yourself. Then plan your way ahead. Like 80% of the country you live locally to one of our well-stocked super clear and virtually indestructible maps. Order right now and we’ll bag it for you today!

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